Aftermarket Earphone Attachments : AirPods Pro Foam Eartips

The Comply AirPods Pro Foam Eartips Offer a Custom Fit

The Comply AirPods Pro Foam Eartips are an aftermarket accessory for the Apple-branded headphones that will work to customize them to better suit the needs of users. The headphone tips are crafted from memory foam that’s heat-activated to help comfort to the shape of the ear canal perfectly upon contact with the skin. This promises a snug fit to help prevent the earphones from falling out when commuting, working out or simply listening to music on the regular.

The Comply AirPods Pro Foam Eartips are designed with the same snap-in fit design as the ones available from Apple in order to ensure total compatibility. The earphone accessory will also fit snuggly into existing charging cases to eliminate the need to remove them between uses.


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