Antimicrobial Silicone Smartwatch Straps : Urban Armor Gear Scout Strap

The Urban Armor Gear Scout Strap is Durable

The smartwatch is an accessory that users are encouraged to wear all day and night to capture various health data metrics, so the Urban Armor Gear Scout Strap is intended to help give wears a more comfortable experience. Deigned for the Apple Watch, the strap is crafted from high-quality silicone that is focused on a tough level of durability, while still feeling soft against the skin. The strap also features an antimicrobial design that will prevent bacteria from lingering during long-term wear to prevent discomfort and smells from occurring.

The Urban Armor Gear Scout Strap comes in three color options including black, orange and olive, and is inexpensively priced at $29.95 to make it suited for any user to pick up.


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