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Call of Duty: Mobile from Activision and Tencent has achieved a massive 172 million downloads in just two months. The known game publisher partnered with Chinese gaming studio to bring the popular first-person shooter title to smartphones which has since become extremely successful.

According to a new report, Activision has generated 87 million dollars from player spending after its latest mobile title garners 172 million downloads. After its initial launch, the game picked up about 146 million downloads within the first month while November saw just over 21 million downloads.

Call of Duty: Mobile has proven to be successful in the United States where 28.5 million or 16.6 percent of all downloads have taken place. India arrives second with 17.5 million installs or 10.2 percent and Brazil third with 12 million installs or 7 percent of total downloads. The majority of the downloads took place via Google’s Play Store app which garnered up to 89 million downloads accounting for 52 percent of all installs. On the other hand, iOS version saw 83 million downloads or 48 percent of the total share

Alongside the growing number of downloads, Call of Duty: Mobile generated most of its revenue in the first month in October 2019. It grossed over 55 million US dollars compared to 31 million US dollars in November 2019. So far, the US has accounted for the largest share of the revenue with players spending 36 million dollars (or 42 percent of the total player bases’ expenditure). Meanwhile, Japanese players were the second-highest spenders in the game with 11 million dollars or 13.2 percent of total player expenditure while Great Britain arrived third with 2.6 million dollars or just 3 percent in total share.

Regardless of declining spending in the game, Call of Duty: Mobile is ranked in the top 25 grossing titles in its key markets. The online multiplayer mobile game is free to play and offers fresh content with every new update, similar to PUBG Mobile. It is yet another example of a popular PC/Console game finding success in the mobile gaming market.

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