Form-Analyzing Workout Apps : ArtiFit

The ‘ArtiFit’ App Uses AI to Keep an Eye on How You’re Working Out

Working out alone means having to be hyper-vigilant about your form which can be somewhat difficult or tricky to do, so the ‘ArtiFit’ app has been developed as a way to help athletes using advanced technology. The app harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and works by having the user position their smartphone in front of them before starting their workout. This will enable the app to use the devices built-in camera to monitor form and provide feedback to users.

The ‘ArtiFit’ app addresses the increasing number of consumers working out from home or the office when they have spare time and the need for decentralized training solutions that will help them accelerate their capabilities. The app will provide audio feedback to the user to let them keep a focus on the workout instead of tracking.


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