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Ever since their debut, Google Pixel smartphones have been touted as one of the best camera smartphones running on Android OS. However, with the launch of the Pixel 3 lineup in the year 2018, they have been deemed the best camera on any smartphone, regardless of the operating system.

However, with the latest iPhone 11 Pro that sports a triple camera setup, some believe that Apple once again started to take the lead pack from the Pixel 3. With that being said,   Google is gearing for the launch of its latest Pixel 4 smartphone lineup which will be unveiled on the 15th of October. Ahead of their official announcement, full-resolution camera samples taken from the upcoming smartphones have surfaced that exhibit praiseworthy photography performance.

The first set of images boast of the selfie capturing capabilities of the Pixel 4. Surprisingly, both the images have a resolution of 4.5 MP which has a significantly lower resolution from the Pixel 3 that shot selfies in 8 MP resolution. Needless to say, the images produced still look remarkable.

The leak has also revealed some portrait-style images captured from Pixel 4’s dual rear camera, highlighting how much of a difference an additional sensor can make in comparison to just one sensor found on its predecessor. Right off the bat, bokeh effect around the subject in both the images look exceptional with proper subject recognition.

The Golden retriever also appears in few more camera samples of the Pixel 4 which look very crisp. It is currently unknown whether these photo samples are captured with the ‘Motion Mode’ processing turned on that the upcoming devices were previously reported to have. The first image has a resolution of 12.2MP shot and it boasts of impressive dynamic range. 

While not many samples of action shots are available, we do have access to Pixel 4’s improved Night Sight performance. These samples demonstrate the extraordinary capability of the smartphone to capture bold colours even in under-lit conditions.

Google Pixel 4 Camera Samples 12Google Pixel smartphones are well regarded for their Nightscape mode, but with Pixel 4, the company has taken this a step further. Going by the samples, the upcoming smartphones would even be able to take shots of the stars and the Milky Way at night.  Clearly, these shots look breathtaking for something captured on a smartphone that can slide in a jeans pocket.

Other samples of the Pixel 4 include macro shots, silhouette shots and an appetise boosting food shot.

To wrap things up, all the images shared above look fantastic and Google might overdeliver in terms of photography with it latest smartphones. In order to obtain full specs, price and other features of Pixel 4, we will have to wait until its official launch which is set for the 15th of October, as previously mentioned.

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