How does a mobile phone last longer when hiking

How does a mobile phone last longer when hiking

You have reached the top, now only the mandatory image and the battery is now empty. Even in the mountains today, nothing works without electricity. This is not so tragic when taking a selfie, but there are also emergencies in the mountains where it is important that the smartphone […]

Turning off the screen saves electricity

“The screen consumes the most power, so when hiking, the mobile should be set so that the screen does not light up all the time, but remains black,” says Georg Rothwangle, IT expert at the Austrian Alpine Club.

Poor internet connection drains battery

A poor internet connection also causes the battery to drain quickly. “People are often surprised that their cell phone battery lasts much shorter in the mountains than in the big city with the same settings—phone connection and mobile data connection turned on,” says Rothwangle. This is due to the fact that when mobile phone reception is poor, a lot of energy is consumed in order to maintain transmission power.

Determine the location between only with GPS

If the smartphone is used as a navigation aid, it is sufficient to record the location using GPS every now and then. This hardly puts a strain on the battery.



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