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Google Pixel devices are known for their well-optimized software. The search giant always enriches the Pixel devices with its vast abundance of specific tweaks, features, and other optimizations. There are several other perks of being the Pixel device user. Among them, Dark Mode on Google Discover is a well-reserved feature for the Pixel devices. It is officially available only on Pixel devices, but there are also some ways to use it on non-Pixel devices.

Google Discover is a news aggregation service with other useful information like a weather card, etc. It collects news articles and blogs based on the search intent and past browsing history. It is quite a helpful tool for Android or Chrome users and helps to bring useful content without any hiccup and extra efforts.

There are multiple ways to enable Google Discover Feed Dark Mode on Non-Pixel devices. Some methods might need root access.

Using Pixel Launcher

The Pixel launcher carries inbuilt support for the dark theme. The dark theme automatically toggles when a dark wallpaper is applied. You can do so by long-pressing any space on your home screen, then select “Wallpapers” options and choose finally any dark wallpaper. Now, you can swipe to the leftmost home screen to see the Google Feed dark mode.

However, if you didn’t get the dark mode, then you are out of luck, as it needs a server-side switch. It may take some more time to see if your color has inverted. You can download the Pixel Launcher from here

Using Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher also can show the Google Discover feed in dark mode. It uses Nova Google Companion to show Discover Feed and toggle its appearance based on the global theme. It is the easiest and useful extension of the Nova Launcher. The interested users can easily install the extension after downloading it from here. Now, enable it by heading to the Nova Settings>Integerations> “Tap” Google Discover to enable it>Install Nova Google Companion 1.1.’

This method is perfect for the native Nova Launcher Users. They can easily attain the Google Discover functionality by merely installing a small extension via an apk. It will be easy for the Nova Launcher Prime users can even assign different gestures to initialize the Google search widget.

Install Dark Mode supported Google app APK

The user can install the latest Google app APK to get the dark mode on Google Discover window. After installing or updating the app, the user can find it under More > Settings > General > Dark Theme. The user can choose an option to enable a dark theme by selecting any option -> “Never,” “Follow system setting,” or “Always.” Apart from the Google Discover feed, it will change the color of the bottom tab, all search pages, etc.

All the above methods easily allow enabling dark mode on the Google Discover feed. If you have any problem while following any of the above techniques, then make sure to comment back.

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