How To Fix An Android Phone That Isn’t Ringing

How To Fix An Android Phone That Isn't Ringing


Silence is bliss … except when your phone has stopped ringing and you miss important calls you wanted or needed to receive. If you’re the owner of an Android phone, having to whittle down all the reasons why you can’t hear your device ring can be offputting, especially when you haven’t done anything wrong (or so you think). So, what can you do if your Android smartphone has stopped ringing altogether? Before you blame it on a faulty phone, there are other less complex reasons why your device likely isn’t ringing.
This could be due to a change in specific settings or software issues because of third-party apps you have installed on the device. Fortunately, you can swiftly put an end to your distress and fix your Android phone on your own, without having to hire an expert — assuming nothing is wrong with the physical speaker, of course. Read on to see how you can pinpoint the reason why calls are not coming through on your handset and the steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem. […]



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