Baynne Resistance Touch Screen Pen,Resistive Hard Tip Lightweight Styluses for All Resistive Touch Screen Devices Price: $2.99 (as of 21:30 EST- More info)

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Great for reducing fingerprints on your touch screen enabled device.
Perfect for cold days when you don’t want to remove your gloves.
The soft tip on the end of the stylus will not damage your touch screen device.

Great for decreasing fingerprints on your contact reveal enabled instrument.
Perfect for chilly days whilst you do not need to eliminate your gloves.
The comfortable tip on the finish of the stylus will now not harm your contact reveal instrument.
Easy to raise with and garage.

Material: Aluminum tube + plastic
Color: colour random
SIZE: a hundred and fifteen*7mm

Package incorporated:    
1 x Resistance Pen

1. Please permit 1-3mm degree errors.
2. The colour of the precise pieces would possibly fairly range from the above pictures due to other laptop reveal, thank you for your figuring out.
Nice for decreasing fingerprints to your contact reveal enabled instrument.
Very best for chilly days whilst you do not want to take away your gloves.
The comfortable tip at the finish of the stylus won’t harm your contact reveal instrument.
Simple to hold with and garage.



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