The Motorola Razr Is Back, but This Time It Has a Foldable Screen

Motorola is bringing back the iconic Razr, but this time the flip phone has a foldable screen! 

That familiar snap is back!

At a launch party in Los Angeles, Motorola reintroduced the Razr!

The phone first debuted in 2004 and thanks to its slim, stylish design, it was a breakout hit for Motorola.

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Now it’s back, but this time, it’s a smartphone running Android with a foldable screen.

“The new Razr is just an icon returned,” said Doug Michau, an engineer who’s been with Motorola for 22 years, long enough to have worked on the original Razr.

“The Razr launched in 2004, it was such a popular device. We sold 130 million devices, one of the top selling devices in history,” said Michau.

Back then, it seemed like everyone had one. That is, until the Blackberry and iPhone came along.

The new Razr has a small 2.7 inch touchscreen on the outside and a large 6.2 inch display on the inside.

Of course, we all know what happened with the last foldable phone from Samsung. Motorola promises a screen free from similar issues.

“It’s very pocketable, very slim, very elegant and yet it has a full screen so you can enjoy all the content you want today. There is no exposed edges and there’s zero gap so there’s no debris or dust that can get beneath the display,” explained Michau.

The new Razr is more about looks and feel than power and specs.

The camera seems average and the processor isn’t the fastest, but that’s okay – this phone is part nostalgia, part utility and the first foldable that actually serves a purpose.

“This is the beginning of a journey for Motorola with a flexible and foldable devices, you’ll see more coming from us in the future as well,” concluded Michau.

Based on views and shares of a video of the phone I posted to my Facebook Page, it’s pretty clear there is a lot of interest in this device. It’s also the first good use of a foldable display. But will all of this curiosity translate into sales? Guess we’ll find out in January, when the new Razr goes on sale exclusively at Verizon for $1500.

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