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Xiaomi has built a reputation over the years for affordable products without a compromise on quality. Thus, it was a surprise in 2016 when the company announced its most expensive product yet, the Qicyle R1  bicycle priced around $3000. Despite the high price tag, the Qicycle R1 was a huge hit in terms of sales and popularity and it catapulted the company to fame. Since then, the Qicycle brand has released several other popular bikes including e-bikes. The brand has just launched the Qicycle Electric Power-assisted Bicycle.Qicycle Electric Power-assisted Bicycle

The new bike is similar in design to the Qicycle EF1 foldable electric bike. This is a second-generation model which has been upgraded and improved in many aspects from appearance to performance. Compared with the previous generation Qicycle foldable electric bike, the size of the new bike is larger. The 20-inch wheel diameter makes the whole car more stable and adapted for use on complex roads such as cities and mountain roads.Qicycle Electric Power-assisted Bicycle

In terms of appearance, Xiaomi’s electric power-assisted bicycle maintains a simple design style. If it is not intentionally emphasized that it is an electric bike, it looks like an ordinary bicycle. The battery is completely built into the main beam tube. It not only has the high-value appearance of a regular bicycle but also performs marvellously well as an electric bike. Users can use the power system on the bicycle to control the drive chain on the bike to achieve three pedalling modes: pure pedal, boost, and electric.Qicycle Electric Power-assisted Bicycle

There is a light-sensitive display in the center of the handlebar of the e-bike, which shows the gear, speed, battery power, lights, alarm prompts and the percentage of battery power during charging. Users can easily grasp all the information during the commute. The display has the light-sensing capability whereby the brightness will be automatically reduced at night so as not to disturb the sight of the ride. The left side of the handlebar is the control area, including the power switch, horn buttons, high and low gear switches.Qicycle Electric Power-assisted Bicycle

On the right side of the handlebar, there is a rotary throttle switch that is the same as that of an electric bike. Turning inward in 1,2,3 positions turns on the full electric mode riding.

The frame of Xiaomi’s Qicycle electric power-assisted bicycle is made of 6061 aviation aluminum alloy material, which is finely polished through the CNC process to improve the appearance. In addition to the built-in battery, the circuit cables are also hidden inside the body; the brake lines, signal lines, control lines, and throttle lines in front of the front are integrated into three and fixed by the clips, making the entire bike look very simple. The seat height can be adjusted by the wrench screws below, so as to adapt to the use of people of different heights. There is a printed scale on the seat tube showing the height.Qicycle Electric Power-assisted Bicycle

The biggest highlight of this power-assisted electric bike is its 5.2Ah lithium battery, which can provide 40km of battery life. The output of the electric mode can reach 25km/h during riding. In addition, the battery can be fully charged in just 3 and a half hours. The charging interface is located at the rear of the frame just behind the brake light.

Furthermore, the Qicycle e-bike uses calliper brakes on its front wheels which will be more convenient to install and disassemble. In terms of overall braking performance, if the bike is travelling at a speed of about 20km/h, the braking distance is about 3 meters. There is a high-brightness LED light on the front of the frame, and a red warning light on the rear, which will automatically light up when braking.qicycle

The Qicycle Electric Power-Assisted bicycle comes with a price tag of 2999 yuan ($425) and is said to be on reservation at Xiaomi Youpin. However, our search on the Youpin website didn’t show the listing.

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