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Traveling is an exciting hobby or an exciting job if you are doing it for a living. And nowadays, a traveler’s smartphone is his most vital accessory as it allows contact with your loved ones, send/receive emails, book flights, do currency conversion, find your way, etc. The KingKong Mini that was released by Cubot this year would be a perfect companion on your trips according to the company that lists 5 most important features to convince you of that statement.

Small display

We are in the “big phones” era for many years now and the average screen size keeps increasing, especially now that manufacturers found a way to reduce or eliminate bezels. The KingKong Mini moves towards the opposite direction as it comes with a 4″ display that is easily controlled with one hand and it also fits in every pocket size.

Rugged smartphone

Besides its small size, the phone also comes with rugged characteristics. The rugged body makes it almost indestructible when dropped from a few feet high and it also provides waterproofing. It works almost anywhere and under any conditions.

KingKong Mini’s weight is just 123g and it easily beats almost every other smartphone in the market. The low weight not only makes it easy to carry around but also doesn’t hurt your hand if you use it for many hours continuously.

KingKong Mini specs

Under the rugged case, the KingKong Mini comes with an adequately powerful configuration that includes the MediaTek MT671(A22) SoC backed by 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, enough for smooth multitasking. Of course, it is a 4G/LTE phone with WiFi and Bluetooth support, GPS support as well as NFC support, a feature many well-known Chinese manufacturers neglect.

Besides the basic hardware, the device also features some very useful sensors the accelerometer that is used to track your steps, a Gyroscope that will offer you incredible 360-degree image spheres, and a Magnetometer that is used by Google Maps and other compass apps to figure out which way you are facing.

Lastly, it comes with dual SIM slots so that you can use 2 different SIM cards at the same time as well as a microSD slot to expand the storage space of the phone.

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