Comfortable Wide-Frequency Earbuds : London

Urbanista’s Wireless London Earbuds are Competitively Priced

Urbanista, a style-savvy headphone and earbud brand that’s based out of Stockholm, has revealed its new London earbuds, which boast a truly wireless design and are made with comfort in mind, allowing users to wear them for long periods of time.

The wireless earbuds were developed by Axel Grell, an industry-leading acoustic engineer. He spoke to the design process behind the release, stating “We have worked incredibly hard to perfect and fine-tune the sound of Urbanista London. The tiny details make for an earphone with incredible clarity and natural sound reproduction with ground-shaking bass and smooth highs.” Grell also highlighted the importance of the micro-speakers he selected for the earbuds, which provide “a wide frequency range with very low distortion, an important feature especially for an active noise cancelling earphone.”

At an affordable price point of $149, Urbanista’s London earbuds provide a premium listening experience and put the user in control, allowing them to select different features at the press of a button, such as the Active Noise Cancelling mode that blocks exterior noise, or the Ambient Sound Mode, which makes it easier to hear surrounding sounds and voices with clarity,

Image Credit: Urbanista

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