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Google is also working to bring a dark mode for all its products and services available either on Android, iOS, Web, or any other environment. The search giant has even added inbuilt support for the dark theme in Android 10. The users can switch to dark mode with a single global toggle. Gmail is another popular app that recently received the Dark Mode compatibility on Web, iOS, and Web environments. However, Gmail’s Dark Mode is compatible only with newer Android versions and devices. The users on old Android devices and versions need to follow our guide to enable it.

There are various advantages of using Dark Mode while working and surfing the internet for long periods.

Advantages of Dark Mode

Reduces Eye Strain – The primary motive of the dark-mode is to reduce the eye strain. It eliminates the harmful blue light from distracting white spaces on webpages. The dark mode is more useful during night time.

Improves Battery Efficiency – The devices using AMOLED displays also benefit Dark Mode as the pixels remain turned-off on the black colored areas. According to recent research, the AMOLED displays can save 63% power while using the dark mode.

Limits Image Distortion – The other means of reducing eye strain distorts the image by adding a filter layer. However, the dark mode mute colors that reduce strain on eyes and consumes less power.

The dark mode is not only used by Google, but several entertainment apps such as Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp also use it. The smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung, Huawei have also embedded the support for dark mode on their own skins.

Gmail Dark Mode on old Android Version

The users can follow the steps below to get the Gmail dark theme even on old Android versions using the Xposed Module. Google rolled out Gmail Dark Mode last year, but its usage is limited to Android 10 via the global toggle button. The users on Android 9 and versions before are still helpless.

We have got a way out to get the Gmail Dark Theme on old Android versions by using the Xposed Module called Gmail Dark theme Enabler. The users can install the module either via the Xposed or EdXposed module. However, in both cases, the device should be rooted.


Steps to enable Gmail Dark theme using Xposed Module

The users are requested to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

According to a recent report, Google is expected to bring Dark Mode scheduling in the Android 11.

We hope you have successfully installed the Gmail Dark Theme Enabler Xposed module to get the Gmail Dark Theme on old Android devices.  If you get any problem while installing the module, then just let us know via the comments below.

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