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The biggest disadvantage of smartwatches is their battery performance. Hardware just isn’t power-friendly enough to cope with the small battery found in most watches so most models need to be recharged every day. Xiaomi’s Amazfit GTR has a long battery life but its functions are nothing to talk home about. So, I chose to try the new smartwatch from KOSPET, Prime, as they claim it has the largest battery capacity in an Android watch (1260mAh), Face ID function, a big 1.6″ display, and an All-in-One dual camera. All these features are unique in a smartwatch, according to the company. The 1260 mAh battery found inside the watch is almost 40% more than the second in place.

During my battery life tests, I managed to get more than 6 hours while running using the GPS which is the most intensive function for the battery. Also, I achieved 8 hours of phone calls before the battery died. On the other hand, I got about 55 hours on a full charge when continually wearing the watch connected to my smartphone and having heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring on, message reminders enabled and carrying out light daily exercise (a few laps in the swimming pool). According to the company, a user can achieve up to 7 days of battery life when using just the basic functions of the phone (basic display effect and reminders).

1.6″ Super Retina Display

KOSPET adopts a 3rd-gen ceramic material for the watch’s case and both texture and color make the watch appear high-end. The display is big at 1.6″ and it’s a circular IPS panel unique in the market while the bezels are very thin resulting in a 13% larger display when compared with other smartwatches with the same dial diameter.

The selected size is in the middle of small 1.3″ displays and 2″ big displays. The former are difficult to operate as accidental touches occur all the time while the latter are too big and bulky. Also, the IPS panel ensures that you can see the content at any angle while the 400×400 resolution results in a 354 ppi density that makes everything look crisp.

World’s 1st smartwatch with Face ID

In order for a smartwatch to support face unlock, it must be equipped with a camera module and the Prime is. Other smartwatches come equipped with a camera but there’s no face unlock available. Thus, KOSPET Prime is the 1st of its kind to have that feature and the unlock takes place when you lift your hand towards your face. The performance of the feature was adequate, with only a few hiccups showing up every now and then. Overall, it was useful and offers added security and privacy.

World’s 1st all-in-one Dual Camera

As mentioned above, the KOSPET Prime comes with a 2MP front-facing camera and an 8MP side camera. The camera is positioned in a small raised part on just 4mm higher than the case and looks like a button, combining practicability with design. It is pretty useful, especially when running or have your smartphone away and want to answer or make a video call. The photo quality isn’t exceptional though but that’s not something you’d expect from a smartwatch, is it?

Multiple Sports Modes and Comprehensive Health Management

With software and hardware improving year over year, sports function in smartwatches has evolved from just running or walking to supporting multiple sports. Prime supports nine sports including indoor/outdoor walking (running), outdoor cycling, basketball, football, etc. I haven’t managed to test all modes so I can’t say for sure how good they are. In addition, the device comes with GPS built-in supporting 3 satellite systems. This results in faster and more accurate location lock.

What’s more, KOSPET Prime also comes with motion monitoring to correct bad postures during workout and improve the results you get from exercise.

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