What can we do about internet outrages?

What can we do about internet outrages?

The answer to better internet does not, as it turns out, require more modems. (Photo by Kathie Obradovich/Iowa Capital Dispatch) While more than 210,000 Iowans were angrily waiting out a massive Mediacom internet outage last week, my home office was in the throes of a three-week outrage with that other provider. You know which one it is, of course, because there are only two choices in most of Des Moines.
When CenturyLink said we had to upgrade to a fiber connection by June 30 or lose service, I of course shopped around to see if we could get a better deal elsewhere for a high-speed connection. It didn’t take long, especially once I learned that Metronet, a new high-speed provider that has moved into some of the suburbs, was not available yet in my neighborhood. (There are also a couple of satellite and cellular providers.) […]
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