You Can Finally Play DOOM’s Strangest Spinoff Game Again

You Can Finally Play DOOM's Strangest Spinoff Game Again

The strangest game in the Doom franchise, DOOM RPG, is finally available on the modern PC platform, or at least an engine to run it is, thanks to the efforts of a group of fans known as The group has been digging through source code from old DOOM games for at least eighteen months and releasing various gems, even posting a collection of sprites and textures from DOOM RPG in November 2020, but their PC port marks the first time the DOOM mobile game has had a modernized port since its initial release in 2005. DOOM curios and development materials pop up fairly regularly, like the recent reveal of the DOOM creator’s original CD copies, but this is a little different. DOOM RPG was previously only available on cell phones that supported BREW or Java, so the game was nearly impossible to obtain before’s source port.

Though DOOM RPG‘s gameplay was comparatively experimental and unorthodox, that’s all the more reason to play it in 2022. Despite its platform, the game won several awards, including “2005 Adventure/RPG of the Year,” “Game of the Year,” an “Editor’s Choice Award,” and “Best Wireless Adventure Game.” It also received largely positive critic reviews and even got a sequel four years later (which, sadly, is still locked to its original iOS platform and can’t be played via this port because it uses a different engine). […]



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