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The Xiaomi Youpin platform has just launched a new product this morning (6th February 2020). It is the Small Q Ruler, which is basically an electric ruler that is capable of providing high accuracy measurements to the user.

The Small Q electric ruler is capable of measuring straight lines, curves, cylinders, and even other uneven objects. It features 10 different kinds of modes which include all of the above mentioned capabilities like arc measurement, diameter measurement and more according to one’s need. In other words, the electric ruler found on Xiaomi Youpin is very practical for various different scenarios.

The electric ruler supports a single practical ranging from 0 to 9.99 meters, with a maximum measuring distance of 99.99 meters, in terms of total measurement accumulation. The Small Q ruler stores data automatically and can also keep records of 10 unique measurement records that can be brought up when needed at a later date. This is convenient in storing certain universally required data.

Notably, the Small Q electric ruler can also measure sound levels, ambient light and supports unit switching as well. It is equipped with a 1.9 inch LCD screen in a 15mm compact body and weighs just 30 grams. In comparison to traditional measuring tapes used prominently, the device is about a third of its size and a quarter of its weight which makes it more portable and convenient to carry.

The sensors and measuring equipment in the electric ruler has been imported from overseas and includes various high precision encoder that is used in lieu of the inductors and capacitors inside a metal housing. The product is also built to last and reinforced for a longer total operational lifetime.

The Small Q electric ruler is equipped with a ultra low power consuming microprocessor that allows for a very long standby and great battery life. It is powered by a 200mAh battery and can measure up to 3,000 meters worth of measurement data on a single full charge. The device also supports USB Type C charging port and can be charged in just 5 minutes for about 2 hours of use. It is currently available on the Xiaomi Youpin platform and is priced at 99 Yuan or roughly 14.2 US dollars.

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