The iPhone 11 Has The Pet Portrait Mode Your Pup Deserves

If this doesn’t make every pet owner an iPhone 11 user, we don’t know what will

We love playing with our dogs, walking our dogs, taking them to the dog park and on car rides, snuggling them while we watch TV together, playing fetch in the yard — you name it, it’s basically our favorite activity to do with our good boys and girls. Except for one thing: Getting them to pose for photos. Taking a great photo of a happy, wiggly dog is a feat on par with climbing Mt. Everest in flip-flops. It basically cannot be done. Until now, thanks to the brand-new iPhone 11.

At the fall Apple event this week, the specs for the newest round of phones and other gadgets were announced, and blah, blah Apple Watch — the real important thing is a new feature that’s coming with the iPhone 11: portrait mode specifically for pets. Yes, the feature that every dog-loving Apple device devotee has been begging for is finally here.

Sure, you could use portrait mode on existing iPhone models to snap some nice pictures of your furry best friend. But anyone who’s actually tried this knows that is doesn’t actually work that well. The problem is that your pet needs to stay perfectly still at just the right distance away from you in order for it to really work. LOL, have you ever tried to get a dog to sit perfectly still at a distance of exactly 6.3 feet away from its human? Good freaking luck. Enjoy your camera roll full of perfect, portrait mode shots of your pet asleep, because that’s the only time you can actually pull this off.

Nothing against pics of our animals sleeping cutely or anything. We take plenty of those. It just would be nice to be able to get that perfect iPhone portrait shot of a good boy who is, you know, conscious.

There’s a tech-y reason the new version of portrait mode works well for capturing award-worthy snaps of pets specifically, so we can only assume they’ve addressed some of the issues that make the current portrait mode so hard to use on animals. Namely, we really hope you’ll be able to get a good portrait shot of your subject closer than 6 feet away, because being 6 feet away from our pets is the worst.

So sorry, everyone who’s not an iPhone fan or doesn’t want to drop a grand on the latest and greatest device. If you have a dog — or a cat, horse, bird, rodent, any animal, really — you owe it to them to get this phone so you can Instagram them looking their absolute best. You know they’d do the same for you if they had opposable thumbs.

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