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  • You Can Finally Play DOOM's Strangest Spinoff Game Again

    You Can Finally Play DOOM’s Strangest Spinoff Game Again

    The strangest game in the Doom franchise, DOOM RPG, is finally available on the modern PC platform, or at least an engine to run it is, thanks to the efforts of a group of fans known as The group has been digging through source code from old DOOM games for at least eighteen months […] More

  • How does a mobile phone last longer when hiking

    How does a mobile phone last longer when hiking

    You have reached the top, now only the mandatory image and the battery is now empty. Even in the mountains today, nothing works without electricity. This is not so tragic when taking a selfie, but there are also emergencies in the mountains where it is important that the smartphone […] Turning off the screen saves […] More

  • Need to change your wireless plan? Here's how to choose the right one for you

    Need to change your wireless plan? Here’s how to choose the right one for you

    Are you finally ready to disconnect from your current wireless plan for something new? There are several reasons you may be rethinking your cell phone or smartphone plans. Perhaps you want something more affordable, an increasingly important factor as inflation maintains its grip on the economy. How to choose the right wireless plan? Figure how […] More

  • 3 Benefits to Cheap Cell Phone Services

    3 Benefits to Cheap Cell Phone Services

    Technology has afforded a lot of innovative and exciting ways to make life easier and help people reach for their dreams in entirely new ways. One aspect of the modern age that has permeated the culture and continues to grow in importance is the cell phone. While it’s absolutely viable to live life without a […] More

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    All-in-One Durable Smartphones : Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

    The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro Phone is Perfect for Work and Play The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro smartphone was designed to meet consumers’ work and play needs with its reliable and durable build. The new smartphone boasts a sleek design that offers military-grade certified durability fit to last day after day with an enhanced touchscreen […] More

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    Smartphone Keychain Batteries : TAU power bank

    The ‘TAU’ Power Bank Stays on Hand for Use at Anytime The ‘TAU’ power bank is a cleverly designed battery solution that will work to keep additional charging capabilities on hand at all times instead of requiring users to opt for conventional portable power alternatives. The power bank features a keychain-integrated design that allows users […] More

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    Qi-Enabled Smartphone Chargers : Mophie Powerstation Wireless XL

    The Mophie Powerstation Wireless XL Has a 10,000mAh Battery Within The Mophie Powerstation Wireless XL has been launched by the brand as a new solution for Apple product users that is available now from the latter’s website. The unit is priced at just $99.95 and features a reachable lithium-ion battery within that has a 10,000mAh […] More

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    Form-Analyzing Workout Apps : ArtiFit

    The ‘ArtiFit’ App Uses AI to Keep an Eye on How You’re Working Out Working out alone means having to be hyper-vigilant about your form which can be somewhat difficult or tricky to do, so the ‘ArtiFit’ app has been developed as a way to help athletes using advanced technology. The app harnesses the power […] More

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